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Event outline

Name: 1st FESTIVAL ASIA TV&FILM on JOURNEY(2011) Report
Date: 26th (Mon)~28th (Wed) September, 2011
Location: 4/F ,New Chitose Airport. Jaga Pokkuru Theater
Sapporo Station Chikamichi north 3
Content: Screening・Judging・Awarding of Asian TV&FILM Travelogues.
Business matching and meeting
・Broadcasting Creators' Association
・Japan Film Commission
・City of Sapporo
・Hokkaido Airport Terminal Co., Ltd.
Support: Ministry of internal Affairs and Communications
Japan Tourism Agency
The National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan
Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Sapporo Regional Headquarters
Hokkaido District Transport Bureau
Hokkaido Tourism Organization
Cooperation: Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation
Hokkaido univ., Research faulty of media and communication
The Hokkaido Shimbun Press
Special cooperation: JTB HOKKAIDO Corp
Special Thanks: ISHIYA CO., LTD.
Jury: Juries of Festival Asia TV&FILM on Journey
(Broadcasting Creators’ Association Secretary, Japan)
(Co-Chairman of the BCM Executive Committee/Professor, Dongseo University)
Wang Zhanhai
(CCTV China Television Artist Association)
Man Arai
(Novelist Songwriter Compose)
MEMBERS OF THE JURY: Ray Macdonald(Producer, Thai TV Program)
Yukari Nariki(Project Manager Vietnam TVM)
Shinji Suetsugu(Program Manager Travel Channel Program)
Kohei Watanabe(Professor Hokkaido University)
Yoshihiro Oto(Professor ,Sophia University)


Grand Prize: Hokkaido Governor’s Award

Area Title Company Producer
Thailand Roaming Ray Macdonald Ray Macdonald
Producer Profile
Ray Macdonald, well acclaimed tv host and his partner, Christopher Washington, videographer/director, ten years experienced produce travel show. With guerrilla-production style, only two-man-crew that push travelogue to another level.
A Trans-Continental Journey on rail. From Bangkok, Thailand to London, United Kingdom by train. This is a cutting-edge travel documentary/reality of an extraordinary journey that bring you across the world. Ride along on the train to see the world in new perspective. Over 15,000 kilometers, cross 2 continents from south-east asia to Europe, through 16 countries. Experience real life on train passes through different cultures.

Special Grand Prize: JTA Commissioner Award

Area Title Company Producer
Japan FORBIDDEN KYOTO -A Geisya is Born- NHK Hideo Nakazawa
FORBIDDEN KYOTO -A Geisya is Born-
Hideo Nakazawa
TV Director, Japan International Broadcasting Inc. Hideo Nakazawa joined NHK in 1977. From 1988, He engaged in the development of HD programs and directed TV shows attractive in the overseas market. He won many awards in and outside Japan
Renowned British photographer David Stetson visits Kyoto, the much admired ancient capital of Japan, and portrays the hidden world of Geisha that most visitors cannot see. This program depicts the depth of Japanese entertainment culture.

Semi-Grand Prize: Sapporo Mayor’s Award

Area Title Company Producer
Korea SMILE ROAD Korean Broadcasting System(KBS) Chung Soo Woong
Chung Soo Woong
Producer & Director of Korean Broadcasting System(KBS) 1982-1984
Director of Nippon Audio Visual Center
Chief Producer of MBC Munhwa Broadcasting Company
Audio and Visual General Director of The Seoul Olympic
Vice Chairman of Korea Independent TV Productions
Additional Professor of Yonsei University Art Communication
Graduate School
present Chairman of China-Japan-Korea TV Producers and Directors
Forum Committee
Received The Golden Harp Prize of Doublin, Ireland, Europe
“The Straw Tomb”
Received Very Best Prize (The President Prize) of The Korea
TV and Radio Grand Prize for 4 years continuously
The Straw Tomb”
“Searching for Buddhist Culture”
“The Secret World of Buddhist Nun”
“Mystery of The Shilla Dynasty”
Selected in Asian Representative Documentary Director by
NHK“Nostalgia Island”
Received The Grand Prize of Korea Broadcasting Committee
“North Korean who live in Kamchatka”
Received The Best Prize of The Korea TV and Radio Grand
Prize “Long Journey Short Reunion”
Selected in Best Asia Documentary PD by Japan Broadcasters Meeting”
As a prologue of this work piece, it is Afghanistan which is now under a civil war. There was a large Bamiyan Buddha on a crossroads of smile road. It was destroyed by Taliban in 2001. It was already a half-destroyed in the face by an invasion of Islam in the eighth century. We will start by attempting to revive in computer graphic based on images of heads of Buddha smiling kept in Kabul museum. At dawns of the winter solstice, several thousands people welcome the morning sun by saluting to the Buddha of the main shrine if you go up to the Stone Cave at Toham Mountain located in Gyeongju. This ritual of welcoming rising sun on the winter solstice is known to be originated from Shilla Period. Why did this kind of custom start? If we measure the direction of the Buddha with a compass in front of the Buddha of the main shrine at the Stone Cave, it shows an angle of 30degree in east south east. If we draw this direction on a map, it is connected to a underwater tomb of Great King, Munmu (To prevent invasion of Japanese army) and further it make a straight line with the sun-rising on the winter solstice. The Buddha at the main shrine is enclosed in sealed space now because a skylight was removed but mysterious smile of the Buddha of the main shrine was revived by the sunlight of the winter solstice shining through that skylight. We will revive it in computer graphics. Scholars call this peaceful smile, which is ancient and provides peace of minds, as an Archaic smile and how did this smile have arrived at the Stone Cave which is located at the end of the Orient? The most peaceful period in the history of Greek, which is one of origination places of human civilization, is called as the Archaic period. (From B.C. 7C to A.D. 5C) In numerous face sculptures of that period, which were discovered in A.D. 5C) In numerous face sculptures of that period, which were discovered in large quantity from underground of Acropolis shrine in Athens, it was found out that they wore smiles. The first Archaic smile was known in the sun God, Apollo statute and his twin sisters of Artemis Goddess statute but its original source can be traced back up to Egyptian period going beyond the civilization of Mycenae and Greta in the Mediterranean. Ancient Egyptians put masks on mummies and the smile of a mask called as the “Hwanjo/Smiling face” is the oldest feature among relics excavated until now. Unlike Egyptian civilization in which people were considered only as beings respecting God, sculptures of the Archaic smile represented by girl statutes of Kore and youth statutes of Kouros had wished that peace could last for a long long time by emphasizing inherent nature of hearts of peaceful and innocent people. Smiles containing these messages were vanished without leaving any trace through ancient time of Greek when wars had continued and moving into the period of Hellenism. The smiles were briefly reappeared in Etruria region in the central part of the Italian peninsular but as it moved into the period of Roman Empire, peaceful smiles during the Archaic period were completely disappeared. Where that smile had disappeared? In order to find that smile, we visit the smile road, which is about 25,000 km long by starting from Greek.
Die Bu (Tewo) – Rock’s Eden of Heart
Award Semi-Grand Prize
Area China
Title Die Bu (Tewo) – Rock’s Eden of Heart
Company 北京伯璟文化传播有限公司
Producer Li Dong Shen
Somewhere Street -Ho Chi Minh,Vietnam-
Award Semi-Grand Prize
Area Japan
Title Somewhere Street -Ho Chi Minh,Vietnam-
Company NHK
Producer Shigenari Fujinami
"Da Wu Sheng RangーHu Qiu" intoroductionJasmine Hower in Blossom
Award Excellent Award
Area China
Title "Da Wu Sheng RangーHu Qiu"
intoroductionJasmine Hower in Blossom
Company 苏州广播电视总台
Producer 苏州广播电视总台
The Legend of Northern Ice~A Journey of East Hokkaido, The World Natural Heritage.
Award Excellent Award
Area Japan
Title The Legend of Northern Ice
~A Journey of East Hokkaido,
The World Natural Heritage.
Company 北海道報道(HBC)
Producer Satoshi Nishizawa
TTV Hotline: Discover NT Dollars
Award Excellent Award
Area Taiwan
Title TTV Hotline: Discover NT Dollars
Company Taiwan Television Enterprise
Producer Hsian Chien Yang
Travelling with Koyo
Award Excellent Award
Area Hong Kong
Title Travelling with Koyo
Company 電視廣播有限公司(TVB)
Producer Fok Chak Kee
Time of theNorthern Akita
Award Airport Prize: Movie category
Area Japan
Title Time of theNorthern Akita
Company Zippy Production,inc
Producer Kazuhiko Sugimura
See the World by Train
Award First Memorial
Area Japan
Title See the World by Train
Company TV ASAHI
Producer Kenji Okabe/ Amane Yoshimura
Want To Go Far
Award First Memorial
Area Japan
Title Want To Go Far

Other participants